A Note About Legacy E-learning Website

The technology platform utilized for the three e-learning applications formerly hosted here, is no longer supported by the software provider. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to training@casaforchildren.org.

Fostering Futures

The e-learning portion of the Fostering Futures curriculum is no longer available. We will be providing an update to the Fostering Futures curriculum in 2019-2020 and encourage you to continue to use the in-person curriculum that is available on the Member Portal at https://member.casaforchildren.org/training/fostering-futures/.

Education and Youth in Out-of-Home Care

This e-learning module is no longer available. For more information on supporting the educational needs of children and youth in out-of-home care, please visit the Advocacy in Action Resource Guide’s issue briefs on education. Be sure to search for “education” in the search bar.

The Redd Case

This e-learning module is no longer available. A version of the Redd case can be found in the 2017 Pre-service curriculum.